BETT show brings together the latest technology in Education. Below are a list of technology software, tools and ideas that were exhibited in 2017 aimed at supporting and enhancing recording and tracking of pupils’ assessment, results and progress:

1) Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker provides assessment solutions for teachers and management. Features include:

  • Achievement tracking (formative assessment)
  • Result tracking (summative assessment)
  • Cohort comparisons and analysis
  • Assessment and progress reports
  • Teacher app
  • It includes the most up-to-date National Curriculum frameworks
  • Allows you to adapt frameworks and add your own


2) BSquared

Bsquared is an excellent assessment software used by 3,000 schools across the UK and abroad and over 10,000 teaching staff. Features include:

  • Creates headline reports that can be shared with Governors or Ofsted
  • Creates group reports
  • Creates Individual reports
  • Use iPad or PC to record information
  • single click to record assessment
  • Up to 9 steps of achievement for each assessment point
  • Add comments
  • Shows percentage of completion
  • Shows when a step started and completed
  • Covers multiple curriculum
  • Shows progress within a skill as pupils build up their knowledge
  • Share information with parents
  • Creates special personalised support plans for children with autism


3) Evisense

This software allows you to manage your evidence about students’ work and achievements very easily. Features include:

  • Three steps: Record evidence, comment and share with parents and students
  • Capture and upload evidence; photos, videos, audio files and documents
  • Add comments, attainment levels and points
  • Share with parents and increase parental engagement. Parents can view evidence from app or mobile and can comment.
  • Share with students and promote self-assessment and self-reflection

We would love to hear your feedback! If you were to apply any of those tools or software to your teaching, which one would it be? If you are already using any of these or use different ones, please share your experience with us below.