BETT show brings together the latest technology in Education. Below are a list of technology software, tools and ideas that were exhibited in 2017 aimed at supporting and enhancing Administrative and Managerial tasks:

1) SAS Digital

  • Creates a website for your institute.
  • Turns your website into an outstanding App that can be accessed from any smart phone.
  • Creates an app around any subject you would like
  • Provides you with a text message service for your institute
  • Trains you for Free

2) Schoolcomms

A very easy and effective app to deliver and permit parents’ engagement and keep them up to date with their child’s:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Achievements
  • Timetable

As well as

  • Due Payments
  • Online reporting
  • Events
  • Parents evening
  • Text messaging service

Free Demo & £499 per year

3) MySchoolApp

With this excellent app created to help parents feel engaged with their child’s education, you get the following, all in one:

  • Branding of your institute
  • Calendar
  • News
  • Messaging
  • Absence notification
  • Image gallery
  • School contacts
  • School policies
  • Documents
  • Translation to up to 80 languages
  • Tech support
  • Private group messaging available for stakeholders
  • Reduced expenditure on printed communication, calls, voicemails and texts.

Free Demo & £250 per year


4) My Learning UK

An inclusive software that integrates many tools and services for teachers, parents and students.

For Managers & Teachers:

  • Build website
  • Set homework & assignments
  • Mark results
  • Give feedback
  • Track progress
  • Create documents
  • Publish classroom materials, templates, videos and images
  • Create and manage a course
  • Built in Online Security

For Parents:

  • Check homework is done
  • School calendar
  • Behaviour
  • Timetable
  • Attendance
  • Term reports
  • Learning materials
  • Access in up to 94 languages

For Students:

  • View homework
  • View timetable
  • Personalise MyLearning

Free Demo

5) Eschool

An ideal software for leaders who manage several branches of a Madrassah or Supplementary school. It allows for the administration of documentation, accounting and statistical transactions. It can be accessed from any device including mobile. Some features include:

  • Profiles for all students according to age, class, gender and grade
  • Employees can access all their documents including contracts, job descriptions, notices etc.
  • Assign tasks to your branches and employees, then measure their progress.
  • Preform all accounting operations, follow up on sales, invoice transactions, income and outcome at every branch.
  • Determine Strategic enrolment plans
  • Manage the requests of all end users.
  • SMS & Mail management
  • Get instant reports on student management, personnel management, accounting, enrolment activities.
  • Post reports at desired dates.

6) School Effectiveness+ 

Based on ‘The 25 Characteristics of High-Performing Schools’, School Effectiveness+ (SE+) is a complete school effectiveness and support system for schools.

  • Evaluate your school against ‘The 25 Characteristics of High-Performing Schools’
  • Run electronic surveys of parents, pupils, staff and governors to inform the school’s evaluation
  • Generate a real-time ‘Maturity Profile’
  • Build your School Development Plan based on the priorities that are automatically identified
  • Benchmark against other schools produce informative reports for your staff, governors, Trust, Local Authority (LA) or Ofsted
  • Use it online, anywhere, on PC, smartphone or tablet

7) Frog Education

A BETT Winner of the title ‘ICT company of the year 2017’. Frog is an inclusive and easy to use software designed for teachers, parents and students:

For Managers & Teachers:

  • Design your Curriculum to match the needs of children
  • Access Teaching resources
  • Allows you to capture learning evidence using mobile app and match to learning objective
  • Helps you quickly identify gaps in knowledge so you can tailor learning
  • Build resources
  • Set homework
  • Create and set quizzes
  • Mark and give feedback
  • Existing 250,000 quizzes
  • Video lessons
  • Gap analyser
  • See progression charts of individuals or groups and show to parents.
  • Training
  • Branding & logo design
  • Prospectus Design and print
  • Bespoke Website design
  • Professional photography

For Parents:

  • Access resources
  • Calendar
  • See and comment on a timeline of their child’s work and progress
  • Communicate via portal and message boards

For Students:

  • View homework
  • View timetable
  • Quizzes
  • Video lessons

8) Show My Homework

A popular and successful homework software where teachers easily assign homework and students and parents can view it. Features include:

  • Creates quick reports allowing you to have an insight on trends and gaps
  • Access on the move
  • Online feedback
  • Percentage of students and parents who viewed the homework
  • Set reminders
  • Students can see homework per subject

9) School Stickers

A wonderful website that contains quality, colourful free resources for awarding pupils. You can obtain:

  • Stickers
  • Postcards
  • Stampers
  • Certificates
  • Wristbands
  • Medals & Trophies
  • Badges
  • Reward Charts


10) Pupil Asset

Pupil Asset is one system which gives you easier control over your school by allowing Management and teachers to:

  • Log behaviour
  • Track assessment attainment and progress
  • Record attendance and punctuality
  • Access from anywhere
  • Provide parental reporting
  • Access advanced data analysis
  • Text and email parents for free

For parents it allows them to:

  • Manage dinner money+meal choice
  • Access through a free app
  • Access child’s reports
  • Make online payments (trips etc.)

£149 per month, website creation service available



We would love to hear your feedback! If you were to apply any of those tools or software to your teaching, which one would it be? If you are already using any of these or use different ones, please share your experience with us below.