By attaining Quality Standards, Madrassahs can be confident that they are delivering a high quality Islamic educational experience to their pupils. The Quality Standards are equally beneficial for established and newly formed start-up Madrassahs or supplementary schools. Among the numerous benefits are that your institution will

  • Be striving towards excellence, an honourable principle in our faith
  • Have the necessary procedures and right measures for ensuring the safety of your pupils
  • Have increased trust and confidence from parents
  • Gain better reputation in your community and hence possibly more referrals to your Madrassah
  • Have the necessary safeguarding and health and safety requirements essential for any form of partnership or collaborative projects with your local authority or schools.
  • Attract potential sponsors and stakeholders
  • Protect your institution in the current tension-filled environment, amidst a potentially heightening government scrutiny of the Madrassah sector by meeting all legal requirement
  • Benefit from increased quality assurance due to having correct and professional policies and procedures in place at your institution
  • Focus on strategic management, everyday responsibilities and future planning and creativity while we set the foundations of quality assurance right for you
  • Focus on improving teaching content and helping students meet their learning goals
  • Increased staff & employees’ satisfaction
  • Receive documents, letters and forms branded with your logo
  • Eliminate causes of potential disputes and conflicts resulting from lack of appropriate procedures and implementation of essential policies.
  • Automatically become a member of NAM – The National Association of Madrassahs (NAM)-, a non-denominational, non-governmental platform through which all Madrassahs and Islamic supplementary schools can gather to learn, reflect and share how they can improve the educational, governance and administrative qualities of these institutions.