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Wasim manages the Madrassah.co.uk project, overseeing engagement and delivery as well as coordinating support and training for staff and leaders. He is also a Madrassah auditor, under the Madrassah Quality Standards framework, assessing compliance with the Department for Education’s Code of Practice for Out-of-School Settings. Wasim has been involved in the education sector since 2009, previously managing the Central Office of The Association of Muslim Schools and providing support to primary and secondary schools. He is also a Section 48 Inspector, observing the RE provision of state-funded faith-ethos schools.

Alliance of four Solihull Madrassahs delivering hundreds of food parcels

Hundreds of food parcels have been delivered to some of the most vulnerable residents in and around Solihull since a huge relief project was launched in March. Community groups mobilised to form the Solihull Muslim Network as the impact of the crisis began to take a major toll on local residents. Refugees, victims of domestic [...]

Alliance of four Solihull Madrassahs delivering hundreds of food parcels2021-03-20T20:21:19+00:00

Educating Children in Ramadan

Day 26 to 30 Asalam alaykum to you all and a final welcome back to the last post in our 'Educating Children in Ramadan' series. Pupils will now be looking forward to enjoying a blessed Eid after a very unique Ramadan during the coronavirus lockdown. The recommended free resources in this post provide a combination [...]

Educating Children in Ramadan2021-03-20T20:21:19+00:00
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