Assessment: to determine or assess the rate or amount of something. In Madrassah teaching, it is about determining the amount of learning in the Madrassah classroom.

There are two types of assessment:
Formative Assessment

Telling the Madrassah pupils how they can move forward. This type of assessment improves pupils’ learning and the Madrassah teachers’ teaching. This is also called ‘Assessment for Learning’ or AfL.
Summative Assessment

This tells the Madrassah and parents about the pupil’s attainment. These are known as exams.

Good assessment is vital in helping pupils to improve.


  • If a pupil does not do well in a test, find out what they found difficult and give them a chance to learn from it.
  • Give pupils regular feedback.
  • After each lesson always consider: what did the pupils learn? Was it in line with the learning objectives?