Three hundred youth were honoured last week at a Quran memorisation ceremony on the outskirts of Idlib, Syria.

One hundred and eighty female Hafizaat and a hundred and twenty male Hufaaz completed their hifz in local Madrassahs and institutes run by Ahrar Al-Sham organisation. The Hufaz had migrated from various cities and villages across Syria and settled in the liberated part of Idlib where they enrolled in Quran Hifz Madrassahs and institutes.

Many notable scholars and Islamic councillors joined the event to congratulate the Hufaz and Ahrar Al-Sham organisation for their exemplary efforts despite all odds during the current difficult circumstances in Syria.

The outstanding accomplishments are evidence to the fact that with perseverance, determination and sincerity memorising and teaching Quran in a proper and accurate way is achievable.