Being educational institutes that work with children, Madrassahs must comply with regulations and statutory guidance set out in ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ in order to provide safe and protective environments for children to learn and thrive in. ff

Below are eight checks that Madrassahs can assess themselves against in order to determine their safety for children and the extent of their conformity with legal requirements.

1. Is there a named trustee or management committee member at your Madrassah who takes active responsibility for your safeguarding arrangements?

2. Is being your Madrassah’s ‘designated’ safeguarding person mentioned in their job description?

3. Does your Madrassah have up-to-date contact details for who to talk to within your Madrassah, local authority and police, about concerns for children at risk, and are they on display or easily accessible to all teachers, volunteers and staff?

4. Does your Madrassah have safe recruitment procedures in place? including vetting checks, asking for references, asking for enhanced DBS checks and carrying out overseas and teaching prohibition checks?

5. Does your Madrassah conduct safeguarding induction and ensure that staff receive Level 1 Child Protection and Safeguarding training every two years?

6. Are staff clear about your processes for sharing important information about a child? E.g. medical profile, mental health etc.?

7. Does your Madrassah have a culture of listening to children and taking account of what they say, both in work with individuals and when developing new projects?

8. Whistleblowing: is it easy for people to routinely raise concerns in your organisation? Do they?

9. Is there an annual review date on your policies and procedures? and were they reviewed in the last 12 months?

10. Do you have a monitoring system in place for your policies and procedures to ensure they are all reviewed in a timely way and signed off by management committee?

The answer to all the above should be ‘Yes’. If there is a gap in your policies or procedures you will be able to attain the support and quality needed by  Mizan Accreditation. By receiving Mizan Accreditation you can demonstrate that your Madrassah is compliant with all legal requirements and is a safe environment for children to learn in. To begin the Accreditation process contact us here.

To learn more about your safeguarding responsibilities as a Madrassah Manager tell us that you are interested in this Madrassah Management Training by contacting us here.